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      Who are the Circle of Sinners?

      Established in 2012, the Circle of Sinners began with a desire to merge art with lifestyle. The Circle of Sinners is more than a clothing brand; it aims to bring together artistic talent from all over, helping to inspire a new era of collaboration and style. The Circle of Sinners apparel and logo can be found today represented in a wide variety of artistic mediums, from graphic art to rap concerts and videos, battle rap events and even in the online streaming space.

      Our mission is to push boundaries, allowing anyone who dreams of a world in which art is not constricted to the mainstream to join us. Every purchase allows The Circle of Sinners to invest in up and coming artists, produce new music videos and in relevant ways help them gain the exposure they deserve. Every #sindividual that has joined this movement over the years has helped to push forward the next generation of artistic talent. Will you be the next to have your halo fitted?  

      Our Mission

      Continuing the legacy of artistic social defiance.
      Getting back to originality by giving back to the creatives.
      Empowering a new generation of artists with our platform.  

      Sindivual | (noun) | sin-div-id-ual
      One who defies boundaries; boldly stepping into the space between art and culture, redefining the next generation of artistic expression.